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Free the Children
A portion of Company Revenues will be donated to Free The Children who believe in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. They work to empower youth to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens.

Afrisoccer LogoFrom a chance conversation between business colleagues, Afrisoccer was born. Baleen Group partnered with Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club and Enviro-Stewards Inc. used soccer uniforms were collected and provided to the Enviro-Stewards Team visiting South Sudan to help install water filters in local communities. Baleen Group enlisted "junior staffer" Alyssa (who came up with the name Afrisoccer) and together they collected 9 sets of uniforms in Fall 2012 and a further 20 sets in Spring 2013 for a total of 29 sets (333 uniforms). Our goal is to continue collecting used jerseys and finding new owners in places where they can be put to the best use.


Africycle LogoOn the 5th Anniversary of the Founding of the Pitch-In Brooklin Program, we introduced the Africycle bicycle collection. Local residents were asked to donate their used bicycles to be shipped to Africa to be used as a tool to help break the cycle of poverty in Malawi. Over the last 5 years we have expanded to 7 different collection sites and to date have collected more than 2000 used bicycles and thousands of dollars of donations.


The History of Pitch-in Brooklin

Pitch-In Brooklin was “born” in spring of 2002. After moving to Brooklin during the winter of 2001, Shawn and Monica Williamson were surprised to see the amount of garbage blowing around Carson Park that backs onto their house. Most of it came from nearby ongoing construction as well as careless people walking through the park. So one warm spring day Shawn and Monica grabbed some bags and picked up most of the garbage in the park. [READ MORE]


Recyclables Baleen Group’s journey towards Zero Waste has resulted in the following annual output of residual waste:
2008           2.4 bags
2009           1.2 bags
2010           0.33 bags
2011           0.20 bags
2012           0.15 bags

Our most recent audit calculates our waste diversion rate at 99.6%

Baleen Group Meets 10:10 Goal

As part of the 10:10 Program, Baleen Group was able to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% in 2010. One of the many steps we took was to partner with Global Emissions Systems based out of our hometown to install their "Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV)" technology on our vehicle. With the GESI unit installed we now emit less harmful emissions than most hybrids for much less. And when you can carry a kayak, a cargo box and a mountain bike you redefine the concept of “sport utility vehicle”!

Redefining the concept of "sport utility vehicle".


Adopt A Road Baleen Group supports local community efforts such as helping the Town of Whitby design their Adopt A Road Program as well as adopting a section of local highway.

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