"Shawn and I have worked together on a number of Boards and Committees over the years. I have found that he has a passion for sustainability and a strong grasp of how to apply his business background to help companies be more successful by capitalizing on smart environmentally- and socially-related strategies. Shawn recently helped me developing creative tools for capturing, calculating and displaying the value of sustainability strategies in a business context. He knows his stuff. For any business that needs a passionate, pragmatic champion of sustainability with a strong business background, they would do well to get in touch with Shawn."

— Bob Willard,
Speaker and Author of The Sustainability Advantage
and other related books

Blue Stripe

"Shawn was both patient and persistent with Workopolis. Shawn came in and was able to quickly work with a number of cross functional teams within Workopolis to uncover key insights that enabled us to quantify the opportunities within e-mail Marketing. From there Shawn helped us build a strategic framework and tactical plans to make our direct response business one of our key growth opportunities in the next few years. Although it will take time to implement, Shawn certainly helped us take it to the next level in e-mail Marketing."

— Max Tremblay,
Former VP - Marketing, Workopolis.com

Blue Stripe

"I have worked with Shawn on a number of Projects now and have always been pleased with his work. He has a real passion for what he does and it shows either when he is leading a meeting or bringing creative; ideas into a Program. I always know that when I have challenges; environmental or otherwise, that I can call on Shawn to find a solution!"

— Kerri King,
Tourism Manager, Durham Region Tourism

Blue Stripe

"We called Shawn in to help us out on a special Project and I'm glad we did. The agency we were dealing with was making many demands of us but giving very little guidance in what they wanted or how - it was not fun. Shawn fought for us on the numbers side, accurately quantifying the full scope of our business as well as on the communications side; keeping us focused (and sane) to get us the information we needed and get us through the process and achieve our objectives. I can't say it was always fun but Shawn made the ordeal much more productive and freed me up to focus on running our business."

— Erica Seibert,
General Manager, Canadian Liquids Processors Limited

Blue Stripe

"Baleen tackled a big project for us. As an established, multi-channel company, developing a comprehensive customer communications strategy has always proven challenging. What Shawn and the Team were able to create was a strong compliment to sears.ca and helped us exceed our objectives for the business. We look forward to continued success from this area of the business."

— Jim Osborne,
Former National Manager eCommerce, Sears Canada

Blue Stripe

"Baleen Group developed and managed a big opportunity for SmartCommute. We were able to establish a relationship with a world class brand that created a significant profile for our organization with key stakeholders. Amongst other things, Shawn was able to arrange a series of detailed meetings attended by key players from every transit agency across the GTA. While the program has yet to launch, this work has elevated our profile and created relationships that will help in many other endeavours. Thanks for making it all happen."

— Ryan Lanyon,
Project Director, Smart Commute Association

Blue Stripe

"Sears was very pleased with the work from Baleen. They came in and quickly re-built a neglected area of our business into a solid performer. Shawn was able to build and lead a solid Team of people both here at Sears as well as external Partners and develop a solution in keeping with Sears’ position as a market leader. Baleen’s work has enabled us to now bring the solution back in house to grow the business even further."

— Frank Rocchetti,
Former Senior Vice-President, Merchandising and Marketing,
Sears Canada


"Having worked with Shawn in the past we called him up for help on a challenge we faced recently. We needed to find a quick, cheap, workable solution to a business opportunity where we were reasonably certain the incremental revenue was there for the taking. Shawn worked with our Team to come up with a number of viable options as well as identify the Team required to make it all happen. We brought him back in to build out the Working Plan and assist that Team in implementing the chosen solution. The result was that we quickly more than tripled our targets. This big win has greatly enhanced our Team’s profile within the enterprise."

— eCommerce Director,
Major Canadian retailer

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"Shawn has become a strong asset for DSA; he brings fresh thinking and experience from the business world that has been tremendously helpful in growing the impact of the Programs and Projects that we develop and manage. He has been able to develop new relationships and strategies to work with our business partners but is always mindful of the average person and how the message will come across to them. Like the rest of the Team at DSA, Shawn is committed to making a difference in our world. I believe it is this commitment and passion that drives him to consistently maintain such a high level of excellence in his work."

— Jack McGinnis,
Founder and Former Chair, Durham Sustain Ability

Blue Stripe

"Recently the Baleen Group provided valuable assistance to us in developing a new Program. I would like to say that it was “an idea on a cocktail napkin” and not much more when we got started. Still, Shawn was able to take the idea and build it out into a successful Program. He fleshed out the idea, thought through the logistics, the math, creative executions and lined us up with key partners to make the whole thing come to life. We came up with the original idea but with Shawn’s help we were able to deliver a finished Program that sets us apart in the marketplace."

— Don Pitman,
Former Manager of Communications and Energy Conservation,
Oshawa PUC Networks Inc.

Blue Stripe

"I have worked with Shawn in many different capacities, on and off, for over 13 years. During that time I have always found him to be a "Go To" guy - when the job absolutely must get done and done well then I have always been able to count on Shawn. One of his unique skills that I have called upon many times is his ability to accurately capture and convey the value of customer management programs. This can be an invaluable tool in understanding the "economics" of customer value and bringing the very best solution the client might need. Shawn gets it and he helps client get it!"

— David Moxley,
Former Managing Director, TNS Global Consulting Services

Blue Stripe

"Shawn is a 'Go To Guy' When it needs to get done quickly and well, you can trust the job to him."

— Nicolas Gaudreau,
Former Vice-President Marketing Operations Sympatico.ca

Blue Stripe

"Shawn and I have worked together on a number of Projects over the past 7 years. He has been able to play a strong role as part of a diverse Team of experts that we have assembled to deal with some very demanding clients with serious challenges. He is able to quickly understand the clients’ business, the marketplace and make solid strategic recommendations backed up by solid empirical evidence. Shawn is a great guy to call when your business needs some help!"

— Richard McCaffery,
President, McCaffery & Company


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